Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Homework: Math workbook p. 8
                  Study math facts!
                  Try to read for 10-15 minutes per night!

We will be talking about Baptism this week in religion.  It would be great, if you could talk with your child about their baptism and their godparents.  If you would like to send in a picture, that would be great as well!  Thanks!

Many second graders seem to be struggling to tie their shoes and keep them tied.  The shoe laces that come with the uniform shoes do seem to come untied quite easily.  
Here are some helpful suggestions:  
     If you can get them in a strong double knot in the morning, they should stay tied.  
     Please be sure your child knows how to tie their own shoes.  This will take a lot of practice at home before they are really good at it.
     Also, you can buy replacement laces at Target or Walmart.  If you can find the flat laces, they seem to stay tied better and may be easier to tie!
Thank you!

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