Thursday, April 16, 2015

May Crowning Friday, May 15 @ 8:30

This is coming home today with an envelope for ordering pictures attched to it.

MAY CROWNING----MAY 15---AT 8:30 A.M.

         May Crowning for St. Patrick School will be Friday, May 15, at 8:30a.m. in the Marsh Drive Church.   All second graders and all eighth graders will be honored in the May procession.  Each student will arrive at school in their Communion or Confirmation clothing.  Second graders will ALSO bring their gym uniforms and shoes in a labeled bag.  They will change into their uniforms after the pictures are taken (before any recess or lunch).

        Students who are not Catholic may wear their “nice Sunday-go-to- church clothes” and should bring their gym uniform also.  Everyone in grade two of St. Patrick School will be in the group photo.

       A group photo of the second grade in their Communion clothes with Father and Mr. Fly will be taken by Camera Box Photography, professional photographers.  A price list is attached. If you would like photos, please send the money in the envelope to class, marked with the amount.  Individual poses of your student will also be taken, if you choose, with your student standing in front of the statue of Mary.  Such photos are a nice keepsake of May Crowning and First Communion.  Camera Box has a nice package with a group photo of our class and an individual photo of the child in a folder which is always very good quality.

      The girls who would like to have their veils in the individual pictures should bring their veils or artificial flower wreath in a bag.  Some girls will not be wearing any type of headwear.  That is fine also.  Parents will be on hand to help position the girls’ headwear.

      We will need some parent volunteers to help the students who are changing into their uniforms.  Second graders will not wear their “good clothes” throughout the day.   We will all be changed and in our gym uniforms before we eat lunch.  Lunch may be delayed a bit that day.

      Thank you for your co-operation.    

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