Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween News

I hope you are all weathering the storm well and haven't had too many problems with it.  At this point I am assuming that we will have school tomorrow and that things will go on as had been previously planned.  If I hear differently throughout the day, I will post another update so please plan to check back tonight or tomorrow morning.  Stay dry!  

Here are some things you will want to know about tomorrow if we have school.  

Wednesday is our Halloween Parade/Party.  To help our day go as smoothly as possible, please keep in mind the following:

  • The children may wear their costume or comfy clothes to school and put their costume on later.  Please send all hats, masks, capes, and other accessories in a plastic bag.  We will put these on closer to the parade.  They can be very distracting throughout the day. 
  • Some of the costumes tend to be quite warm when wearing them all day.  Make sure your child has appropriate clothing on underneath so we can take the costume off if need be.  
  • Make sure your child has on comfortable shoes for recess.
  • If your child's costume requires face paint/make-up, please keep in mind that it can get itchy when it is on all day.  We are not permitted to put paint/make-up on your child.  
  • Please do not send in any "weapons" as part of a costume.  

The Halloween Parade starts about 12:30 and the party will be right after -about 1:00. 

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