Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Math Packets

Math packets will be coming home today.  They tell you which facts will be tested each week.  Our tests are almost always on Wednesdays.  If we have off on Wednesday, we may have one on that Tuesday or Thursday.  These tests will be 25 problem tests and will be timed for two minutes.  This first packet should be mostly review.  We will do practice tests in school and one or two will be sent home as homework each week also.

Please be sure to practice the 'turn around' facts with your child each week also.  A 'turn around' fact is just this:  3+4=7 is the same as 4+3=7.  If they understand this, then it will be much easier as we get up to the higher facts because many of them will be repeats.  +8's, +9's and +10's are all together because most of these facts will be ones we have already learned.

When we are done reviewing addition facts, we will start on subtraction and a new packet will come home.
We will then continue practicing our addition facts on 100 problem tests that will be timed for five minutes.  This will be challenging at first but we will get better on these each week.  

Thank you for practicing these facts with your child each week!

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