Monday, February 27, 2017

Baby Picture Reminder

In March we will be be doing a special project with our baby pictures. We need your help! Please help your child choose a baby picture of himself/herself, and send it to school in a sealed envelope as soon as possible.  Put your child’s name on the front of the envelope.

We also need three clues about your child, which will be posted with your child’s picture. We will use the clues to try to guess who each baby is. Please help your child think of three clues about himself/herself. Clues should put the student’s classmates on the right track, without giving away who the baby is. Try to think of clues that aren’t too general (I go to St. Patrick School), or too specific (My birthday is June 14).

The clues will be typed so the students don’t recognize each other’s handwriting when they are trying to guess. If your child enjoys typing and you’d like him/her to type the clues and print them out at home or email them to me, you can feel free to do that. If not, your child can write the clues by hand, and I will type them.

Please encourage your child to keep the photo and clues in the sealed envelope, so that nobody will see which picture or clues are his/hers. Pictures will be returned once we have completed this special project.

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