Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas Card and Advent Celebration

 Christmas Card and Advent Celebration

       This year for Christmas, the second grade will exchange Christmas cards.  We will be making bags to hold all of our envelopes with cards given by other students.  This activity is very much like the Valentine cards your child gives in February.
       Please feel free to use any old leftover cards you may have from years gone by, or purchase very inexpensive cards.  Your child is welcome to make the cards themselves.  Do not feel it is necessary to buy lovely Hallmark cards for this project.  
      Please have your child sign each card inside, place it in an envelope, and put the name of the student receiving the card on the envelope.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD DO THIS HIMSELF/HERSELF!  Busy Moms and Dads should not be the ones to do this for their children!  Your child is old enough to do this for himself/herself.
      Anytime after December 14, your child may bring the addressed cards to class and distribute them in the mailbags.  On December 21, we will open them at our Advent celebration.  We will eat a few goodies, have hot chocolate, and enjoy our cards.


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