Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, September 6

Please check for tests that need to be signed in your child's folder.  There is also a form for Grandparent's Day in your child's folder tonight.  

The photographer said that you should be able to order pictures online up to 24 hours after the pictures are taken.  If you forgot to order earlier and still want to, you should be able to order tonight.

Homework:  Math p. 22

Everyone has been doing a great job on the math fact tests.  Please continue practicing these with your child as they will be getting more difficult soon.  
If you child gets 22 or more correct on their math fact test, they will move up to the next level the following test day.  

Thank you for sending us such wonderful students to work with.  They are doing a fabulous job so far in second grade.  I am very proud of how hard they are working already!  Have a nice evening.

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