Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 26

Homework: math pp. 61-62
                   Study Spelling
                   sign math tests and return

I sent book logs home today for the students to start keeping track of the books they read.  It is my goal to help strengthen their reading skills.  The only way they can become better readers is to practice reading everyday!  I talked to them a long time today about how we need to be reading books are 'our size' meaning -we can read them easily.  One rule of thumb that we talked about is if you read the first page and you don't understand or can't read 5 or more words then that book is not right for you.  It does not help them at all to try to read books on their own that they cannot read or comprehend.  I also explained to them that this is not a race or a contest.  A parent must initial the book log after they have discussed the book with their child.  Please be sure they are reading the books that they write on the log.  If they are really interested in chapter books and are not ready to read them yet, please take the time to read these books to them.  

Some students brought home a list of prayer that they should know how to say on their own.  Mr. Wolf was checking their progress with these prayers but didn't get to everyone today.  He will work with the other students next week.  The prayers they are expected to know are:  The Our Father, The Hail Mary, Glory Be, and Prayer to My Guardian Angel as well as how to make the sign of the cross properly.

If you have read all of that -Thank You and have a great night!

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